Should movement have a direction heading?

Right now kiting with long reach weapons dominates the meta. I think this is because there is no penalty for backwards movement. Should we take a hint from Unreal World and implements its directional heading as an optional setting? This would help by adding a penalty for backpedaling, a movement cost for turning, and a vision cone obscuring your backside. Helps add more strategy to movement.

UrW isn’t filled with zombies out to get you, but C:DDA is. It’s one thing to have to check your surroundings during the comparatively rare multi enemy fights in UrW vs. constantly having to look for enemies. It would probably make C:DDA unplayably tedious.

Constantly looking over your shoulder to check if something isn’t sneaking up on you. That’s the main mechanic of the horror genre. Lot of people enjoy that type of game. Adds a lot of tension since you can look everywhere.

What’s the weapon meta? Because I use a poleaxe, not because it has reach attach, which doesn’t work on angles making it almost pointless in many cases that I can’t control the engagement.
No, I use the poleaxe because it just does really good damage for its stamina use.

If we’re talking about guns, I know almost nothing, other than dmr was really good when it spawned all the time on the ground.

I think this would be an unnecessary and tedious addition. There’s a fine line between adding to the realism of the game and bloating the experience with micromanagement.

What is to say the character isn’t backpedaling but indeed walking/running away while occasionally turning around to check range or taking a swing to keep a distance between the target? Should we add a timer to check for muscle cramps if the player hasn’t stretched recently? If they have a hand mirror in their inventory, will this now give rearview vision like in vehicles? If so, will there be a trip chance for not focusing on the terrain ahead of you? Should there be a wall-eyed trait where player’s eyes are focused outward, making looking off to the side/backward less of a turn? How should we check if player has an actively stiff neck from sleeping wrong and not stretching or having a chiropractor follower to adjust them before setting out?

I’m all for adding realism to the game, but at a certain point we have to realize it’s just a game made for people’s enjoyment. If reach weapons bother you that much - don’t use a reach weapon. A game doesn’t need to moderate your every decision when you can simply adjust your play style to include/exclude actions you disagree with.

There doesn’t need to be a check for every possible action being made, no matter how potentially deadly reaching for a fork distractedly while scanning a book into your e-tablet might be.

It would be real awkward to add a directional movement penalty just to nerf a meta, kiting is done with non-reach weapons too and I feel like they’ll suffer more with this feature.

How about reach-attacking simply having the tunnel-vision effect when you’re aiming a gun? But instead of decreasing the attack delay it increases it instead?

It won´t fix the kiting meta as you will simply move two squares back wait for one turn to undo the movement penalty and attack the turn after and repeat.

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While I totally get why this would be suggested, and also why it looks great on paper, this part of UrW was what turned me off to it. I suppose if it were optional that might be OK, but if it came to a vote, I personally would probably say it’s working well as it is.

This would be a nice and challenging addition to the game, I’d definitely use it. Though it would be better off as a mod or optional setting as not everyone is acceptant of hardcore realism.