Should I start with classic zombies true/false

I am new to this game,So I need some advice on this .Should I start with classic zombies True/False

Depends: how comfortable are you with processing a LOT of stuff more or less at once?

Classic mode removes several types of critter, gear, and buildings from the game. It significantly simplifies the amount of stuff to learn and tends to remove several later-game challenges, so easier but shorter learning curve.

Some folks play nothing but Classic. I’ve never tried it, personally, but have seen plenty of reports. You can always make another world if you’d like to switch, though!

Thanks a lot for the info

No problem. Welcome to the forums, too. :slight_smile:

Classic mode is a bit empty at the moment, it removes several special building types and many different types of critters.

Personally I’d suggest start with normal mode, but there’s also a case to be made with starting with classic, then working up to normal mode once you have the hang of things.

I say you start with defense mode, get the combat basics first, familiarize yourself with how melee weapons work and have some fun caving skulls in before venturing into the wastes.


I’m relatively new to the game as well and for my first world I had the classic option at “False.” I really enjoyed my original and subsequent playing in that world so, from me, I would suggest leaving classic zombies at “false.”

Theres something romantic about classic with spawn rates turned up to max.