Shopping cart merged to car with bike rack after attaching two carts to the same rack (git 00efc6d7fe

Spawn a car with bike rack and 2 vehicles with:

  1. 4" casters, handle and shopping cart basket
  2. 4" casters, foldable light frame, folding shopping cart basket
    and attach them as shown to the car.



What’s your game version? There are a couple of bugs it could be.

This one was closed Feb 6

and this one isn’t closed yet

Hmm, the first one looks like it “fixes” it. But I hoped to use one rack per two vehicles - one on each side of a 1-tile wide car :frowning:

My version is from somewhere around new year. I’ll try updating.

EDIT: that fixes it.

be carefull when racking multiple vehicles next to each other.
For now please make sure to rename your vehicles (give each of your shopping carts a unique name)
That way the game doesn’t accidently try to merge them into one.

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Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

Is there any option to have “two sided” racks in the future, so that one can mount something on two sides of a tile with the “bike rack” part?