Shooting flammable arrow at dynamites make dynamites disappear

When I shoot the 11 dynamites with a flammable arrow, the dynamites disappear.

I would expect the flammable arrows light the dynamite.
I hope the pits slow down that skeletal juggernaut…

If I find a RC controller, I would make radio-activated pipe bomb and put the pipe bomb on top of the 11 dynamites.

Apparently, the flammable arrows just do nothing. After I activate the flammable arrow, when I shoot it at a dandelion, it doesn’t make a fire.

The flammable arrows are made from lamp oil(50), metal broadhead arrow(5), and rag.
I am playing 0.D.

yeah, those arrows dont light fires/items (they only give the enemy the “on fire” status effect).

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Ok… I guess I will throw a grenade at the 11 dynamites instead of using flammable arrows.

That’s a nice trap. :ok_hand:

It is not enough. The shrapnel from the 11 dynamites are not enough. It is “uninjured”.

How to kill that “thing”!!

shotgun will do the trick, though it takes quite a bit of ammo to finish the job. That or a rifle are how I usually go about it. Bashing-type melee weapon will work too, if your melee skills are high enough to survive the combat, though given the trap I suspect not.

As to why it lived, I suspect it is considering explosive shrapnel to be cutting damage, and the juggernaut has pretty huge resistance to it. And if it’s considering each shrapnel piece to be its own small attack, rather than one massive big one, then it wouldn’t penetrate armour.

I ram it at 45 mph with my electric suv reinforced by military composite armor. Several extra light frames are beyond repair. But it is dead now.

Traps can’t kill that thing.


Somehow the military composite armor plantings and reinforced windshields are fine. But the armors can’t completely protect the extra light frames.

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Please consider crafting a high power cannon for your vehicle. A slingshot cannon will do for a relatively low-tech solution. A scorpion ballista will also work.
(not sure if those are from the mods, but you get the point. a vehicle-mounted weapon will do the job nicely)

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Those are from mods. I guess I have to wait till I can get laser turrets.

Ah, yes. I’ve checked the cdda trunk and these guns are actually from the blazemod. But as for the blazemod itself, I defenitely recommend installing it!

Actually, a bear trap can, if you add a spraycan flamethrower to set the bear trap’s tile on fire. It’ll hold him long enough to do massive damage. You may have to lure him back in for a second go, though.

You can still craft a heavy rail rifle. It is basically a weaker Barrett with high energy costs, but with ammo that is easily reproducible. And despite the sound packs, it is very quiet. Reloading makes a moderate amount of sound, though.

before the archery update, you could kill them too with the right arrows ºnº

this gives me flashback to a time where im exploring near a science lab and found a nuclear canister, i take it and put it near swarm of zombies that has 4 skeletal juggernaut and activate it,

mistake is, i put the timer too short (around 10 turns before exploding) and i just straight run away and boom…

well it did kill all the zombies and skeletal juggernaut (dealing around 15k damage to a skeletal) but i also got hit by the bomb for 35k damage… what a mistake.

Light (and some times regular) frames are kind of crap. Things break. Often.