Sharpening dull replicas

I feel like there should be a way to sharpen show replicas like katanas and swords so they can actually cut things instead of being more blunt objects. While this would make them items more flimsy it should also make them more dangerous

The ability of a blade to retain an edge is based on the kind of metal, if it’s a “not a real knife/sword metal”, then you have negligible edge retention as well, which means you can’t have an edge even if you sharpen it. It’s certainly possible to have some edge on it, but it’s negligible, so not really a high priority.

Mall katanas and other show weapons are made of aluminum or otherwise cheapo stainless steel that would bend or snap after a single hard strike.

Even if it would last more than one strike the edge retention would be terrible since the metal is so soft regardless, not to mention you’d get deep chips in the blade as well.

Basically, what Kevin said.