Shark can't move on land

I killed a zombie shark and moved its corpse on land. The next I went to check it out and it revived. But it couldn’t move. It couldn’t attack either. A beaver passed by and saw the shark and bit it to a third-death.

Did you expect it to grow legs and run after you?


Haha no! But I did expect it to be able to attack adjacent enemy.

I propose, dog sharks. One moment your fine, next 20 feral dogs/sharks chasing you down the beach. INSTANT TERROR!

Yes water puppies walk the land!

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knock knock



Don’t worry; they go away.


Junji Ito for the win!

Adult SharkDog!

Pup SharkDog!

Shark Mutant!

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It’s time to tame them with fish-bait and have ridable sharks


Does the fish mutation line make Street Sharks, or do we need someone to mod it?

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More wacky crazy fish man from the swamps than street sharks.

So yeah, a mod would be needed.

It basically makes Street Sharks.

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With bulging eyes and scales? I dunno…

To me they seem more like Deep Ones tbh.

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