Sensory dulling shouldn't be toggleable

What it says on the tin. Sensory dully can be toggled but it shouldn’t. It doesn’t do anything when active.

Sodesu ka?

your reasoning being?

its perfectly logical (and necessary!) for it to be togglable. Its just a program that can turn certain features on or off, like night vision turning your senses from “normal” to “heightened”

furthermore many people IRL may like to think that not feeling pain is grand, but I can tell from experience its not as advertised. pain is necessary to avoid danger or alert you to something being wrong. After all, pain might be a nuisance in the occasion of having a hangover but it is vital to everyday stuff like cooking or walking down the street, since you might not know you’re burning your hand or step on glass until its too late.
And in the danger filled world of cataclysm you really do need pain to alert you, like if you’re sleeping and your house catches fire, or your body telling you that a limb has become infected

psst… this is a 4 year old thread that somehow got resurrected.

oh, that’s odd… guess it was a glitch in the bump matrix
I always found the whole '15 format thing confusing anyways…