[Segmentation fault] while cutting a fabric. On a Mac


There’s a save folder of a man who unwittingly angered the spirits of rags and sheets alike.

Steps to reproduce:
Load up the save
e* just don’t move.
a to use item
T to select combat knife
1 to cut fabrics
R to select the sheet.

I’d like somebody to confirm this; otherwise it’s nobody’s problem really.

Steps to fix:
iuse.cpp:2449 is missing a “break;”.

[edit] fix 2:
Step somewhere else and try again. Not really fixing the underlying issue, though.

Let me add one more save file to help in the debugging


for my case, just use the beef jerky that have 1 charge left will consistently produce segmentation fault.

edit : moving before eating apparently fix the problem, so that might be another hint to how it can be fix.