Seeming bug in newest version of cataclism (experimental)

newest of less than half an hour of post time that is.

Seems the game crashes on deconstructing things. Pity, that was a good save.
Also, this may be fixed but reloading saves seems to cause crashes.

I think you meant to post this here. :wink:

I dident?

I moved it.

Ah, thank you. I had thought I may have put it in the wrong location, although I was not sure.

Also, the crash on reloading of saves was still there.

I can’t replicate the deconstruction crash. What are you deconstructing?

A counter. Next to three others, two with things on them.

To be exact, it crashed when I asked to deconstruct, before it gave me the chance to choose.

I was getting this last night trying to clean broken windows as well…