Scraps of meat can't be smoked?

So I just watched " Cataclysm University - Course 25 - Early Food Preservation" and did the following:

  1. Built a Kiln for charcoal.
  2. Made charcoal
  3. Built Smoking rack
  4. Loaded smoker with charcoal
  5. Hunted some food.
  6. Came back with 37 scraps of meat.
  7. Put all 37 scraps of meat on the smoker.
  8. Wait for it.
  9. ???

…and it was all for nothing. Scraps of meat apparently can’t be dehydrated or smoked or turned into jerky. Anyone know why? I feel like I just wasted 200 charcoal (thought I messed it up so tried again) because there is some weird in-game bug that meat scraps are unsmokeable.

I had this same issue. Really irritating that it accepts scraps of meat as an option but doesn’t do anything with them.

It doesn’t even cook them! I assume this is some sort of bug. There isn’t a logical reason when you can’t smoke a scrap.

Nm just found that via link:

I’m assuming since scraps of meats only has a Cooked Scrap of Meat recipe it can only be done that way?

Um…except that you absolutely can place chunks and scraps of meat into the smoker and then activate it to get smoked meat several hours later. Literally the only options I’ve seen so far for things you can put in it are chunks and scraps of meat.

So it is a bug then?

I agree, very annoying. However you can put other things into the smoker, like veggies and meat that has already been smoked.

The smoker probably shouldn’t accept things that can’t be smoked.
(I don’t know what type of smoker it’s modeled on, but the one I’m familiar with involved hanging pieces of meat inside of it, so little scraps would just not be feasible.)

I have a few different types of smokers. There’s not much you can’t smoke if you think about it for a few minutes. Honestly you could just put the scraps on a plate suspended from the rack, or make a grill of thin sticks, skewer them all on a boner skewer and hang the skewer… it all depends on how big a ‘scrap’ is and how abstract you want to be. Consider the survivor has the ability to construct death mobiles, I’m fairly certain the survivor should be able to jury rig a few scraps of meat to smoke into jerky.


Hmm. In order for me to accept an argument from theme, you’re gonna have to show me where in the movies Mad Max painstakingly arranges little tiny shreds of meat to smoke them. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve removed SMOKABLE tag from scraps of meat in this PR (not yet merged at the time of writing). Making them smokable requires ability to change item count on smoking that is not yet implemented.


Thanks! It doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other, so long as you can’t do a meaningless action that wastes time and resources. This fix is sufficient for me :slight_smile:

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Thank you! I was picturing the scraps of meat as being the size of stew chunks… now I get the sense that the scraps are closer to slivers.

Simple and easy fix. I like it.