Science Labs - how deep are they?

Hey I was wondering if any single lab can be just 1 level deep? I descended downstairs and could not find another level. It was cold so I have to turn my thermal electric outfit on when I go down (ICE LAB?). There was couple of prisons, two barracks and one storage room full of robots with quantum solar panel, laser rifle and laser pistol and that’s about it. Browsed through the floor like three times and didn’t find any new rooms or stairwells.

Can this be just 1 floor-lab or am I missing something? My first lab whatsoever.

if you found a quantum solar panel then yes you found a 1 floor lab. quantum panels are a ‘finale’ reward.

One-floor labs are rare, but they do happen from time to time. The lowest floor will have an “L” room that is a lighter color than the others - that’s the finale (sometimes called the loot room, because it will often have some good stuff in it) - occasionally, that room is destroyed by lava generation, but not very often. If you found the loot room (quantum solar panel only spawns there), that’s bottom.

3-5 levels is the usual, but I have seen one as deep as 8 levels before… and it was an ice lab. That was a pain.

So how cold was the 8th level?
Anywhere near -200 C?

It’s hard to predict exact size of a lab since it is badly documented and rather random, but it seems to be related to the size of nearest city.
On the other hand, temperature varies only linearly. -20 degrees for ice lab 0 z-level, then -30 for each level below that. So -10 z-level is -320 degrees. Not sure if Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Either way, it can be below absolute zero.