[SCATTERS] item token

This token, would apply to solid objects that are likely very difficult to pick up individually, this includes things like coins, ball bearings, candies, cigarettes, etc. Generally any object that is likely to roll, bounce, or be blown away easily. Items with the [SCATTERS] token have a time penalty to pick up when they are not in a container depending on how many of them there are in a stack. Imagine trying to pick up a pile of dimes or paper clips. This includes rounds of ammunition, which would be found in cardboard boxes if this token were added. Obviously, this can only be done once players can reload boxes and other non-liquid containers.

I was emptying out a buncha candy from the cardboard boxes (I think we need some size changes on the candy boxes also, perhaps a small cardboard box that not only candy cigarettes but also regular cigarettes come in. Either way, 4 volume is too much for the cardboard box that candy cigarettes would normally come in.

I think he had a thread about items rolling around.

It went terribly.

I don’t want the items to roll away or move. I just feel like items that would easily be scattered should take more time to pick up if you don’t have something to hold them in: Candies, bullets, powders like sugar, spices, etc. should be difficult to pick up and carry by hand. Sure, there’s the assumption that you are properly storing them, but I know I’m gonna have problems if I leave loose candy and bullets in the bottom of my backpack. It’ll take a lot more time to dig them up since they’re rolling around in there. I’m not suggesting that objects be able to move under their own power, just a modification to Move used to grab objects that aren’t properly stored. Maybe a message “The peanut butter candies (3) are tiny and hard to pick up. It takes you longer.” “The peanut butter candies (200) are tiny and hard to pick up. It takes much longer.” Grabbing a baseball bat from a table, very fast. Grab a baseball bat from the floor, takes a bit longer. Grab a box of 9mm bullets from a table, very fast. Grab it from the floor, a bit longer. Grab a pile of loose 9mm bullets from the table, longer than the box, since you’d have to sweep the bullets off the edge of the table into your palm and then safely store it. If the bullets were on the floor, it would take much longer as you’d have to reach and carefully pick up each round.

I discussed adding [POWDER] as a token in the Milling/Grinding thread. Seems like you can pick up powder if you dropped it outside a container, but there should be a chance that you lose some of it in the process based on the circumstances. Powders are gonna be very difficult to pick up in the rain and off the ground, from atop or inside furniture. It’s reasonable to believe you could store a small pile of cocaine on a table, but leaving it on the floor would all-but guarantee that some is lost. Get a plastic baggie or glass jar.

nice idea this will make boxes and other things more usefull not only arrow fletching

Well… I like the idea of having to use boxed.

maybe add ammobox too unlike cardboard box it will be more resistant to damage and storing salt or candy in one is possible