(Saw voice) I want to play a game

For too long now people have been playing Where’s Wally, well now i present to you - Where’s the Bug.


It works exactly like it shows it will when trading.

… three wrist watches?

i dont see it… unless you mean the line under pickled fish.

Maybe it’s clean water for -20 bucks.
…which is a known bug, anyway.

Ding ding ding.


‘ew no, get your clean water out of here we have plenty of that… now… sewage water…’

Haha more like - we’ll pay you $20 to take our “clean” water.

You also don’t get the container, just the water.

so more like… ‘we’ll give you 20$ if you let us dump this water on your head.’

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Pretty much.

Almost worth $20 : p

Making me think what else i’d do for $20 then the stripclub buildings came to mind.

I’m going to make a settlement in one and become a pimp.

after wandering around and finding a few traders, it seems that -any- liquid has a negative value

… of course, you’re buying just the liquid, which you cant hold without a container… so it drops to the ground with no option of obtaining said liquid.

so yeah, just had a trader pay me 11$ to pour water on my head.