Id like to see sandbags implemented. They could appear around crossroads, dead army squads, military outposts, maybe some windows in stores “protected” from explosions. To craft a sandbag you need to first craft an Empty sandbag, which can be crafted with a sheet and lets say, 10 charges from a sewing kit. You can fill it over any dirt tile. You can activate and place them with “e”, like traps. They arent smashable, but going over them requires a large movement cost. To pick them up, simply press “e” on them again, and they appear in your inventory.

Why not? Empty ones shouldn’t take much volume, though.

And what, full ones cost 50 lbs. of space? haha I hate moving sand/cement bags so much, but in game surrounding the bunker in sandbags is brilliant.

I don’t see why they shouldn’t be smashable really. Sandbags would be quite susceptible to being torn open by slashing attacks I imagine.

Smash them into little dirt mounds that still increase movement cost, but not nearly as much?

Well, they can be smashable. I thought of them more like a trap tile, one that can be easily removed, doesnt block passage but slows it down a lot.