Salt water

I remember being able to go to a swamp or something and taking a bunch of salt water to boil to clean water. Is this something that can’t be done now? Or was it even a thing that could be done in the first place?

I don’t remember that particular recipe.
I do remember you could make salt out of the salt water.
Swamp incidentally contains both fresh water AND salt water sources, so the way I see it, if the recipe even does exist, it’s of fairly marginal use, and there are easier ways to get fresh water, even at swamp… especially at swamp.

I did end up getting water from the swamp. Just aparently it needs to be deep water. Shallow water doesn’t cut it when it comes to boil-abillity. Only problem now is I have 42 bottles of salt water just laying around not doing much.

It’s useful for curing / tanning hides

The shallow water in swamps is mixed. Sometimes there’s freshwater puddles, sometimes there’s saltwater ones. I noticed in a recently genned world though, all the puddles in a local swamp were salt water.