How necesarry are swamps to camp creation and how many tiles do I need of free space to make a camp?

So I’ve finally gathered enough stuff to start actually settling down but unfortunately the nearest swamp is 26 kilometres from my base. Just how important/good are swamps for camps? Also how far away by tiles must a camp be to create one? I set up my base in a hobo camp and have a pretty advanced set-up, but it won’t let me create a base near or on top of it, meaning hauling all my equipment and resources would be a massive pain.

Swamps are very beneficial due to salt water, various monsters, and cattail stalk / rhizome. You can use salt water in order to preserve food and to produce salt. Various monsters provide meat. Cattail stalk / rhizome can be use as ‘emergency’ food, although cattail stalks have a good amount of calories. What is more, you will get some plant fibres from them after cooking. They can be used as threads. Moreover, swamps are good places to hide (eg when a horde is knocking on your camp’s gate)

I know what swamps “do” resource wise, but it doesn’t seem like they’ll produce anything I can’t make on my own without a farm, so I guess what i’m asking is what a swamp can “do” for a camp that can’t be acquired through other means (I can always mine or scavenge salt)

swamps aren’t that great aside from salt. An anthill is a better option for a camp really

Unless you have a garrison of turrets and barbed wire, I would strongly advise against it

If you mean for faction camps, where it says swamps are beneficial to its placement, thats a lie as far as I can tell, swamps add nothing to faction camps, neither do water sources.
Forests nearby are useful for the tree-cutting missions, but thats it.

Don’t you get different gather results? Like cattails appear in the gather list, are they missing if you’re not near a swamp?

Orange has a pretty substantial guide for faction camps, it’s about a 3x3 space with one middle space being the main area. It’s possible to make camps next to each other, but they can’t link up or occupy anything other than fields, so having a 3x6 is definitely gonna be a difficult time to find. Then again this is about early 2019-late2018 info, and I’m pretty sure Pm’ing Erk would be the best idea. As that was his main project for O.D

I think he’s trying to make it so you can build on something other than fields, or even paint where you can settle or build on land, but that would definitely be a project for himself

One could start a base camp nearby your intended spot and start sending people to clear forest tiles. When cleared, they become fields. I never made it to the next step where you shift the camp to the new, larger cleared location…

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