Rotating and why it should be there

i think we should be able to rotate items not only furniture but vehicles,well the ones you can drag by hand any way. but also their parts mostly things like mini fridges and bed not every part but more internal thing the player will use. its mostly a dectrivie thing like i dislike how locker always face the same way even tho the doors are facing a wall or something impassable so normal you should not be able open the doors

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This sounds like a tileset thing, you could always just use or make a different one.
In the data everything is just a symbol and has no rotation, ASCII mode most closely represents this.

Adding in support for object rotation and multiple tiles based on that rotation and additionally adding those tiles to tilesets would be a lot of work for a purely aesthetic function.

This is a neat idea and somebody might implement it eventually, but I don’t see it happening soon.
CDDA is an open source project however, so if you want this done in a timely manner you can always do it yourself.

I… can’t program. at all

It’s a niche enough request that it might still be faster to learn how to program and implement it than it might be to wait for somebody else to do it.
In any case it’s on the forum now, so somebody might eventually take a crack at it.

hopefully. the only new thing i would add is that a dragged vehicle does not change direction tried making a dragable cart and turned out to be a waste of time

I question not the idea. But the how. Is it something the game can be programmed to do. Devs wanna chime in?

thing is, rotational facing for most objects is purely aesthetic, it doesn’t change gameplay at all.
The best remedy would be edits to the tileset code with a tag where things rotate based on the wall they’re up against.

So it is feasible. Because it is just a graphic detail?

Yup, just quite low priority as bug fixing and features that affect game-play are far higher up there.
I’m sure it’ll happen eventually though, just purely aesthetic things don’t tend to take priority unless someone that’s experienced in code wants it done.

Thanks for the info. that is pretty cool though that the game can have it. I just assumed it wasn’t able to be coded in and never thought much about it.

The thing about an open source game is that devs (aka; whoever) can code in literally anything that their computer can handle, the real question is whether it’s worth the time and effort to figure it out (which varies from person to person).

For crazier ideas it also matters whether it qualifies to get merged into the main branch, but a purely aesthetic QoL change is basically a given.

Anything can be coded in, it’s more of a matter of effort vs reward.

Can you code in the taste of pizza? I’m pretty hungry :wink:

You’d need more sprites in your spritesheet. And considering it’s not necessary to be relative to any object in any specific direction, don’t really see why it should be implemented.

maybe some day this will be possible :wink: