How to achieve three-dimensional wall

This is the Chinese

Translation from google.
Originally intended simply to deal with the establishment of a variety of body wall, but found I could do;
Graphics settings in the options is not enough,
For example, on the corner and the next corner requires two different graphics,
Inverted T-walls and T-walls also need two different graphics,
There needs left and right T-wall T-wall, etc.;
And can not be set in a simple rotation able to get the check, hey, is there a solution?

You want to be able to see multiple wall tiles on a single square?
Let’s put it simple, in an overhead roguelike perspective/view, how would you know how high is the flag pole, for instance?

I think he’s talking about the different graphical tiles that walls use based on surrounding walls - the ├, ┌, ┼, etc. More specifically, I think he wants to make one T-wall image and automatically rotate it when making a tileset, instead of making four different ones.

I think this is a problem better addressed with the graphics tool than the game proper, though. Some tilesets don’t want the wall graphics to be simple rotations of each other.

Edit: Or maybe it’s the other way around, and the code is automatically rotating one image but he wants it not to? I’ve never tried making tiles, myself.