Robot factories

So uhh with all theese newfangled cop bots and CBMs and such, there gotta be some factories making them!

Why dont you guys make another 3x3 maptile building, it would be full of CBM’s and components for robots, but also mad robots, maybe even machines making mad robots.
The surroounding area should be clean from zombies due to the robots, there should be robots everywhere.

With robots i mean manhacks and cop bots and such.

Love the idea, just think robot drops might need to be nerfed a little first - getting 500 batteries and 250 9mm per turret is a little nuts. But it’d be a good high end challenge, with lots of things with guns, and it’d be great to see the higher-end robots like chicken walkers without having to smash a bank up.

Shouldn’t be too hefty or high end. EMP grenades are easy to make.