Advanced Machinery?

Since the RivTech guns were made in a special (probably underground) facility, I think it would be neat if a player could take over the facility. It would be patrolled by heavy SecuBots, turrets, maybe a chicken walker or autotank, and the player would need to download schematics from a very high level computer. If you fail to unlock the computer, there could be a chance of triggering a self destruct sequence. The player could either GTFO, or try to disarm it. If the player managed to get the schematics, they would need to have a high enough machinery/electronics skill to use the equipment. Maybe there could be a convenient training/operation manual somewhere. Since the player would have to be ridiculously kitted out to take over the facility, I think it would not cause unbalance.

Also, for lower level machinery, I’m sure at least SOME firearm manufacturing equipment survived. Like in the fancy gun shops for instance.

On a side note, why were ammunition vending machines removed? You needed a hacksaw/acetylene torch to open it, and cop bots would show up. I think they should be a thing again.

I Agree with you, I would love to be able to make factory grade ammunition

Also we would have some more end-game content, of which Cata historically lacks

Hmm. I guess that this is still probably better than the hydrogen engine, given that it has a remarkable tendency to kill everything around it when a zombie bumps into it.

+1, Needs more endgame+ lots of possibilities with rare crafting. I do like the schematic USB idea. It would also be cool to be able to make a friendly robot companion of some sort after the scripting is finished/polished.

good idea with factories, factories are semi automatic today so you only need to provide power and resources and transport not finished
products from other production line to another and take out finished stuff

alslo turning it into place to make high grade ammo is realy good idea too mele and archery outpowers firearms because firearms while powerfull need rare ammunition

I think we should be able to oparate lathes and milling machines :).

We could make custome gun parts etc.