Ripping custom vehicles from save files?

Is it possible? or am I going to have to manually build my vehicle into the vehicles JSON? …Because I have no idea how you (the devs) can stand to build vehicles in that. XD

I think you need to build it manually.

:P, the easiest way I’ve found is to do this:

  1. Build the vehicle in-game (Keep track of your zero [starting frame] point!).
  2. Starting from the starting frame copy your vehicle into the json format.
  3. Load up the game and debug one in and check to make sure it is the same.

That ensures that your vehicle follows all the rules and makes things a bit easier to put into the json format.

I’m pretty sure the RMCC would double the size of the JSON file.

…maybe more.

[quote=“Ian Strachan, post:3, topic:3977”]I’m pretty sure the RMCC would double the size of the JSON file.

…maybe more.[/quote]

While the RMCC is nice, I’ll be honest

Even if my PC could run it I doubt I’d use it, it’s too big to be practical. I’ve been using a variation of the Mobile Field Base, it’s still big but not stupidly big. It still takes an upwards of eight (real) hours to build though, and that’s spawning the parts & food and using a solar welding rig.

This is possible, and probably kind of easy if you don’t get too confused by the json.
Open up maps.txt in a text editor and search for the name of the vehicle.
I’m not totally sure if it’s been converted to JSON yet, if so it’s just a matter of grabbing the right hunk of json and copying it into a new maps.txt file. It’ll be a bit more inpenetrable if it hasn’t been converted to json yet, but it’s still a matter of grabbing the right chunk of text.

I wish we could transfer the chars too, or debug ourselves a vehicle hint