Returning to the Apocalypse: Answers and Advice for Long Term Goals Needed!

What buildings are made out of concrete walls? I really need rebar!
You can get them by demolishing a concrete wall. I blew up one of the tiny buildings outside a military bunker but there are probably other sources.
  1. try find bandit camp and refuge center i do not saw any of these things but i know that they spawn static npc
    3)just kill some wolfes one wolf give enoutgt meat to be full and stockpile some at start try looting towns for food and things what are need to make meat jerky (salt water in labs and swamp, black peper and salt in towns and mainsons)
  2. i do not noticed new hordes created they apear on new generated land
    6)give a muffler to your car i drive my military truck witout problems with hordes
    7)some time zombie horde was more like zombie spam now 1 horde is made of few small hordes but they break and wander randomly wait for fix
    9)realy nice shiba is realy rare in its non halucination form

It is a reference to ACTUAL CANNIBAL SHIA LABEOUF. One of the handful of joke enemies in the game, there are a couple more that are GREAT jokes, but I won’t spoil them.

Can anyone hint as to where to look for these?

Can anyone hint as to where to look for these?[/quote]

I dunno… where do you go when you go camping?

[size=4pt]It’s a hint[/size]

The refugee center is a 4x4 or so building but spawns fairly rarely–you might not have one on your overmap. Bandit camps are a quest target, and the bandits have ranged weapons. Watch yourself.

[quote=“FunsizeNinja123, post:25, topic:7377”]I dunno… where do you go when you go camping?

[size=4pt]It’s a hint[/size][/quote]

I’m not a bandit though.

KA101, thanks.