Return to a primitive survival

I am curious if somebody has the same strange habit as I have. After two or three seasons(30 days long), with extremely hot weather, when almost all food in cities is rotten, I always change my gameplay style. I stop using “ordinary” weapons like MP5, AR15, shotguns etc and I focus on a pneumatic rifle because I do not need to worry about ammo. Moreover, I leave my car, truck or motorcycle in order to use bicycle due to the fact that it does not need gasoline or diesel. What is more, I do not focus on food in tins or in jars but I hunt in order to gather meat because I do not want to visit a given city, which can be very dangerous, with monster spawn set to 50. The same pattern is connected with lights. I prefer using an atomic lamp rather than flashlight because I do not worry about batteries. Tools are also connected with this strange habit. For example : I have a jackhammer but I still use a sledgehammer or a pickaxe in order to smash boulders because searching for gasoline or batteries is too risky. This habit reminds me the change in The Walking Dead season 9 where they focus on primitive technologies. I do not know why I act like this but I love such gameplay

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I just drive around in my solar-powered tank lasering things in the face inbetween stabbing them with a diamond coated nodachi. I think you’re conflating primitive with renewable. Atomic lamps aren’t primitive, neither are pneumatic rifles. Primitive would be running around in a loin cloth killing rabbits with a longbow.


You are right. But on the other hand, atomic lamps are quite inefficient as light sources in comparison with flashlights or even torches. Pneumatic rifles are a junk when reloaded with pebbles. They provide a small damage in general. It is difficult to hurt zombie soldiers with a pneumatic rifle …

Efficiency wise they’re free, that’s all you need for most purposes. Most people just stumble around in the dark so they don’t have to waste batteries. The pneumatic rifle may not have amazing damage, but it’s still a complex piece of equipment. It’s not a self bow with fire-hardened arrows.

Definitetly not the primitive I was expecting when I hopped in here. Primitive would be bow hunting and living off the land without technology. Ironically how my spider is currently playing, laying web snares to catch rabbits that can’t escape them. Someday I’m sure he’ll see a city, I REALLY spawned in the middle of endless nothing though, endless nothing and endless scientist body sites oddly. It’s rather relaxing compared to city slicking and chugging from city to city scavenging.

Oh yeah, renewable supply of all the good stuff is usually my long-term goal in most playthroughs. Can’t call it primitive though.
I’ve had a laser rifle I looted from the lab and a UPS with battery compartment mod. And a station to recharge those batteries. It ate through charge rather quickly, but usually it was more than enough to get the job done. And considering how easy it was to get some more face-melting electricity, it’s basically free ammo!

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You may find some interesting ideas. Add to the thread and take away what you will to add to the game =D

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