Requesting help from faction VIA two way radio (CRASH)

Hey all latest build and all other builds I have tested so far have this issue

If you use a two way radio and call a faction for help they say help is on the way.

Well fast forward time and I assume once they get near the game crashes.

I am on windows 7 tiles version thanks

The two way radio doesn’t work. At all. The message is fake.

The two way radio should have no long term effects that would cause a crash if it didn’t crash the moment you used it.

You say you’ve tested it on multiple builds, can you go into detail about how you tested it, and what you were doing right before the crash(es) occurred?

Use radio call for help select faction and got message saying on the way.

Skipped time and crash

How long did you skip time?

I tried this and heard gunfire nearby, but upon investigating the game crashed.
Do you have NPCs enabled or not? Somebody has changed the two-way radio code since the last time I checked it.

I tested lots of ways

Little time lots of time etc end result crash.

Yes I have NPC enabled.