Repairing storage batteries?

I’ve found a thread claiming they’re repaired by welders or soldering irons in hand, it doesn’t give me the option to repair them on a vehicle. If in hand when I want to repair with a soldering iron they show up, but it says I can’t repair this kind of item. Anyone know why and how to repair them?

The only way I know of to repair them is to break them down and rebuild them, losing all their charge in the process.
|\ batteries seem to be good enough though, so I use them anyway.


They were changed awhile back and are no longer repairable. Disassemble damaged ones to collect the parts needed to create a new one is the only option (other than the obvious, just go find an undamaged one).


Thanks guys, makes sense.

This is an act of sabotage by the fossil fuel lobby

of note: you can not only dismantle and rebuild them, but you can build small ones into larger ones and it ‘repairs’ them that way as well.

Disassembly loses batteries. Not only because that is what happens when disassembling damaged items, but also because it takes 80 small storage batteries to craft a storage battery while you only get a maximum of 79 back when you disassemble it !!!

These batteries (assuming they are li-ion) not being repairable is not ok, considering that any kind of damage to the packs that results in individual cells not being salvageable would probably result in thermal runaway and might start a fire. Such a battery would be disconnected from the vehicle by the battery management system, it would not be just “draining”.

Can anyone find which commit made them unrepairable? I ran a git log on that file and couldn’t find it. Either way I’ll just make them repairable by welder with mech2 and ele3 and call it a day.

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Sorry to necro this, but wouldn’t it be better to allow repairing storage batteries with some small ones required as a component?

At the moment you have to disassembly them and craft a new one; allowing to repair them using a few small storage batteries would net the same result while being a lot less annoying.

No. If the battery is damaged enough to require actual cell replacement, then the whole battery is probably already on fire. I suppose that most damage to them in-game come from collision shock and repairing such damage would probably only require re-welding the nickel(?) strips connecting the cells. This is for cylindrical batteries, not sure what happens with pouch//prismatic ones. Perhaps those aren’t as resistant to shocks?

you can apply this and you’ll be able to repair them: Debian Pastezone