Reorganize save format

Reorganize save format to compare between different builds. I think if it be something xml-like format. if somebody add something in different version losing data in old savefiles fill default variables. Excessive data in savefiles just cut if build not support it.
Need common (core) standart for savefile.

Really the problem lies with the fact that the game uses an absurd amount of very random 'enum’s to track items, effects, etc. As a result if somebody adds a new item to one of those enums, everything that was after that item in the enum will glitch out and not work properly if from an old save.

So to put it a different way, the problem isn’t so much that we have a bad save format (though that could certainly use some work) but rather that the method used to program the game originally was a rather bad one. As can be seen some work is already being done on this (exporting the items to the .json files means that they can be switched/added/removed without most problems), but we’ve still got a long way to go.