Please, please store save data in a format that can survive updates

I know that I’m going to speak some black heresy by suggesting this, but here goes anyway…

When storing save data, at least give us the option to use a save format that puts names on things instead of identifiers that might vary from version to version. Right now I can’t take one step without the game crashing due to me wearing non-armor items; if I look around, I see such beautiful delicacies as a water purifier of purifier, a sewing kit of clean water, a cheap lighter of beef jerky, and my personal favorite, a hammer of cola. I know that the average TTL in this is about five minutes of real time, give or take, but I’d at least like the option to try to play a newer version with an existing character.

The primary breaking from updates has less to do with save data and more to do with world corruption thanks to your terrible item handling system.

We’re working on overhauling that though, meaning breaks to save compatibility will be a lot less likely.

I think as 0.2 version and major functionalities still under developement its mostly wasted effort trying to save stuff from old versions. Its nice and desirable feature, but it is feature that comes along when game matures to stage where major things have established.

I mean - game developers should be developing a game - not writing savegame converters - as long as major things changes that usually calls for converter if old saves are to be used.