Removing bionics by editing .sav?

I have (good, working) bionics on my character that I don’t use and would like to get rid of to reduce clutter in the menu. If I remove them in the .sav by deleting their entry under the mybionics block that looks like:

{ "id" : "bio_blood_filter", "invlet" : 97, "powered" : false, "charge" : 0 }

Will it blow up my save? Do I need to re-hotkey them by decrementing the “invlet” values of all the subsequent ones?

Just try it, copy paste the entire cata folder somewhere, then see if it works.

No it won’t blow your save, but you will be a dirty cheater. :stuck_out_tongue:

You can also do lots of other stuff with it, like healing, changing your mutation’s, buffing your stat points, and change your name among other thing.

Looks like it worked out. I am willing to be a dirty cheater if it means making my character less powerful :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks.

The experimental builds also have an option to try removing a bionic.

This right here. :slight_smile:

I ended up doing it that way. Thank - Well-timed feature! :3