Many mod no longer showup on menu on new version anymore

I have a very serious big problem on new version,

for some reason, the most mods dosn’t showup on the menu when you start a new map for now, such as tanks, boats, and even disable zombie resurrection are gone,

but I check the game folder and those mods are still there, so they just can’t show up on the game menu anymore, what happen on the new version? why can’t the mod showup?

for now the only way to loading the mod that can’t showup on menu, is to change the mod.json on the save folder, when the mod reappear again?

I believe that build 10267 obsoleted a lot of mods.

I know there’s a line in the modinfo.json file that’s something like “obsolete-true”.
You could try changing true to false, that might put the mod back in the world gen menu.

The mods you are looking for are still in the cdda/data/mods folder. If you like a mod, move it to cdda/mods and delete the line “obsolete=true” from modinfo.json, then take that cdda/mods folder with you any time you update the game. We’ve stopped supporting a bunch of mods as part of mainline, but they’re still fine as third party mods.


How were they made obsolete? Were they integrated into the main game?

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Some of them like “blazemod”, “dinomod”, “modular turrets” and “salvaged robots” are gonna be maintained and in general updated by others, who is not involved with the development of the main game, community support that is

Others like “Fuji Structures”, “Urban Development”, “National Guard Camp”, “More Locations” will be integrated into the main game after release of 0.E

I thought that was the case with some of the mods.

Would it be possible for someone in the know to make up a thread for the obsoleted mods saying if the player can re-activate them? i.e. if a mod has been marked as obsolete as it’s in the base game, it wouldn’t be re-activating it.

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this isn’t totally true; the repo just need someone to say “i’m a maintainer of this mod now” and keep an eye on bugs and stuff. them being first party mods isn’t an issue, but them being completely unmaintained is.


Okay, so when I update to 0.E, modular turrets and Salvaged robots will no longer be available. Crap, I really like those two.

If you read the post a few above yours, Kenan says that those two mods will be being maintained. Assuming s/he is correct of course :slight_smile:

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Ah, thank you. I missed that one