Regarding Backpacks/ Bags

Wow. Boy this looks incredibly cool and doesn’t look so complicated i like it. :3

How does it handle equipping multiple backpacks? Like, say, grabbing two duffel bags?

Unlike vanilla, you can only wear one item with tag “BACKPACK”, which in turn corresponds to “B” shortcut in advanced inventory for quick access. Which is similar to how boots or helmets are handled in vanilla - you can also wear only one.

You can wear other stuff like briefcase for example, but for accessing that, you have to pres “W” for worn items, select row with desired container, and press “C” to drill into it.

If you meant wielding multiple containers, you can’t. Just like you can’t wield multiple kanatas or multiple anything, really.

On the other hand, if you want to move large volume of items and have strength to do it, you can wield a steel drum and have all its 200 L to your disposal.

Could you make garments like pants pockets and drop leg pouches etc and all the other garments into individual container style? (make us use those bullet holders and clip holders!!)

Clothing worn should also be accessible faster than that of anything on ones back. Also Having a large container such as a backpack should take more time in general even if in hand to rifle through because you have to look for items.

How about a slower reload rate for large containers and even slower if more than one type of ammunition is in one/same container? Why? Simple. If you were being chased, would you be able to take off your backpack and instantly find the ammo type you need amidst 2 or more other types of ammo? No. Unless it were obvious like a 9mm and a shotshell. But if you have 50 assorted caliber. You would be extremely hard pressed to find what you need let alone reload and put your backpack on and shoot before something running after you could get you.

Everything of these is possible.

Hell, the

Could you make garments like pants pockets and drop leg pouches etc and all the other garments into individual container style? (make us use those bullet holders and clip holders!!)

is already done. Just download the source code or compiled game from this thread and tweak .json files in HybridInventory mod folder.

Problem with rest of you suggestions is not in doing them, it is in maintaining them. As this is never going to be accepted to vanilla game, one has to periodically update his code with new changes in main project. More different versions are, more work it is.

By the way, even if you make every worn article into the container, make sure you keep some value on items for general inventory (items can be both simultaneously), many game features rely on the general inventory space area and having it at 0 does not work too well.

Could you add it to the mod list of optional to the vanilla experimentals? Please =D

How is the timing with each garment being handled? Without testing, I am curious since you responded so quickly. Certain types of items being found faster than others in a large container?

Another question regarding these containers:
Each pocket has a limit in size. I cannot shove a shotgun in pants pockets for example. <–this?

I could, but It would not be accepted, because it does not work without underlying changes in game code. In other words you need both, the mod and changed game executable.

Currently? Access time is same for everything, I just said it would be possible to do it, not that it is done :slight_smile:

In the thread I linked in my previous post is another link to my old container system, with detailed explanation how containers work. But yes, you can’t shove an item bigger than container into a container.

Think if you run it by Kevin, he may make the changes? Then further work on it maybe more meaningful =D

Hm, Kevin was the one who refused it in the first place, as I mentioned several posts up the thread… you mean that he might have changed his mind?

But I would not propose such inventory system to Kevin, as I do not favor having every pocket as separate container. That is actually what Kevin wants. And while my existing system allows for every item to be a container, it does not eliminate the need for general inventory space. So it would be half finished for him, and not system I want for me.

I don’t think this story would have happy ending.

Damn…it was a nice idea too. Make a logical sense overall. Damn shame.

So Kevin wants one blob of an inventory? =(

I’d read every post but I’m busy with other crap. Sorry if you answered already.

Not quite.

I want few blobs - general inventory and a few big containers on top of that - backpack and a few other things.

Kevin wants what zero blobs and lots of miniblobs (no general inventory, each item is container, if it has pockets).

Kevin prefers one blob more than few blobs.

I prefer keeping my own branch with few blobs, than working on lots of miniblobs.

So, as you see, we have a bit of a stalemate.

Just a reminder: part of what Kevin wants is being able to access all the miniblobs as one blob, and auto-assignment of items to blobs when picked up. That way the player can micromanage when they want, and skip as much tedium as possible when they don’t.

I suppose I understand 1 big inventory to some extent but it is still illogical for gaming. Coding…seems legit, less work. But for playing? Each container makes more sense. I’d crap my pants if I had all my ammo in my backpack and had to sort it and load it before something that were chasing me would get me lol

I wonder if he would compromise and use the big bags like backpacks as a dump all in area and use all the space of pockets/pouches as a “quick grab” area. Not sure how large items would work though. I hate the idea that I can have on no back pack but enough volume to carry and magically hold multiple large items, like a crowbar.

Absolutely true.

I am not at all suggesting that system as Kevin wants is bad, it is quite good, actually.

I just don’t want to be the one who writes such overwhelming change as elimination of general inventory would require. It requires the C++ pro… pro who knows current game code well enough. I am certainly not such person… and people who tried went suddenly AWOL.

I used catatweaks a WHILE ago. I liked your system and thought it worked really well. Glad to see that you’re back!

Oh, yes. I do remember you. I have a feeling you changed your avatar icon, though?