Refrigerator bug

i found a bug when i was moving the refrigerator,

when i move the refrigerator on dirt, the dirt turns into a floor wtf, try to move and watch what happen

(sorry for my bad english)

I just tried it and it happened to me, i pushed it through a open window and the tile changed to floor…

It must be that they are SCPs.

Memetic Hazard Detected!

Bookshelves and dressers do this too. You could also build a counter on the tile and dismantle it to turn it into floor. I do this to connect houses after busting down the side walls and walling off the alleys.

This is because the game doesn’t remember the old tile. (There is no floor with a refrigerator on it, there is only the refrigerator).

I honestly read it as “There is no spoon” I think it’s time for bed… On a side note I may need to play with this feature once i regain consciousness.