Goo canister

the blobs you get from them if you have more than one and i believe if one moves onto the other one it crashes the game, though i got 2 in a science lab and was trying to get both of them out of the goo room for it only had 1 door.

That’s the same stuff that brought about the zombie plague to begin with. Is it any surprise that it’s hazardous?

That’s a joke, in case you couldn’t tell. That’s a pretty serious bug and it’s a good thing you pointed it out. I generally don’t mess with the goo canisters. I figure why invite extra otherworldly apocalypse slime to the party?

To better sum it up

 l O 

@ O

to the right is a fully enclosed rooms

what i think may have happened was the blob that took priority on the move was the top right one so it moved into the one hanging out in the door and made it switch places but i think it may have been a situation to where they constaintly switched places with each other for when the movement takes place causing a infinite loop… but that’s just a rough theory

There’s a few reported bugs with blobs, they either move or attack and it can crash the game.