Recurring shaking

My character is shaking now and then. He has jittery, but he’s neither hungry, nor using any stimulant. He used to be an NPC. I switched to him after my survivor died.

Sounds like you fed them mutant meat? Full of toxins. Not very good for your health.

I have NPC needs disabled. I haven’t fed him anything, and there’s no faction camp yet. This character ate a piece of smoked human after I swichted the control. It’s not mutated human meat either.

Have you checked the character’s traits? The “Jittery” trait results in random attacks: “When very hungry or under the effects of stimulants, you may find your hands shaking uncontrollably, severely reducing your Dexterity”.
Doesn’t work as advertised, as it keeps attacking my character from time to time despite no stimulant use or severe hunger.

As I said, he does have Jittery. My observation is that, eating a bit of food every a few hours can prevent shaking from happening, whether you’re actually hungry or not.