Recipes from books

Do you still learn recipes from books? If so, what determines if you learn the recipe or not

You craft something with the book as a reference and then you might learn the recipe.

So, read the book first, then craft something using the skills the book is based on i.e if it’s based on launchers I should make, explosives and such, correct?

You read the book first, which will tell you the recipes that are in the book. You don’t have to fully read the book, just read it that initial time – it should only take a few minutes. Then, if that book is within range and you have the required skill, that recipe appears in the crafting menu. If it’s not within crafting distance or whatever, you won’t have access to the recipes.

After you craft an item from a recipe contained in a book you have a chance to learn it, allowing you to craft it without the book.

Ahhhh, okay, I get it. I just need the book around me whilst crafting untill I learn the recipe. Okay. Lol

Iirc, unlike tools and materials it needs to actually be within adjacent squares.

Nah, it can be several squares away and it’ll work fine.

Ah, good to hear. Will make setting bases up a little easier.

It is enough to be near you not necessarily next to you unless you store them in furniture that prevents you from seeing its content while not adjacent.

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