Recipe Menu Subgroups

It would seem that with the new influx of recipes, the menu has gotten a bit harder to navigate when everything has been fully unlocked. Would it be possible to add subgroups to each category? For example once you select the weapon section could be have more sections such as piercing, blunt, sharp, and ranged. You get the point.

Thank you for any consideration.

I like it, having subgroup as smaller tabs below the main tab to easily categorize your crafting recipes.
Alternatively we can have filters instead, I’m not sure how it would work but one option is that integrate it with the Search function.

I was just coming here to post about this actually! I do think the menu has gotten far too messy/full now, although all the recipes and whatever are good for flavour, it becomes a massive pain to find stuff, especially if you’re standing near your stash.
Toggle-able filters would probably be best, as searching through sub menus to find stuff might be even more tedious.

the inventory could also use menus its a pain to navigate with its constantly shifting keys and limit on number of items.

I second this, the recipe system has become severely overloaded.

Been suggested (here and on GitHub) several times.

What about the ability to sort by Difficulty level so that it is significantly easier to identify newly acquired recipes.

there IS a sort by what you can make now thingie.

I usually just use (f)ind to find what im looking for…

Gawd yes please, filters and or sub-menus, the crafting menu becomes a mess pretty early on already. E.g. I have to scroll through the entire weapons list when I hit a new ‘Cutting’ level to try and find what weapon(s) I may have unlocked.