Reasoning behind keybindings

This has been on my mind since i’ve first gotten accustomed to the game all these years ago, infact i recall i only got accustomed after making these changes.

By default, these keybindings do not make sense to me:
crafting: &, advanced inv: /, recraft last: -

this layout only makes sense when using the hjkl-yubn keys which i wasn’t comfortable with until I’ve embraced the glory of vim.

The layout i went is as follows [ crafting: / ] - [ construction: * ] - [ adv.inv: - ] and recraft: ‘]’
This means i’ve got the first three ( arguably most used keys ) right ontop of the numpad, aswell as still being easy to reach while using the hjkl keys.

Which lead me to wondering which layouts you guys use,
and weather this sounds as a reasonable layout

  • hjkl
  • Numpad
  • Arrow-keys
  • some mechanical contraptions with lasers or asymetrical buttons

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I think binding recraft to “+” would be better.

Anyone who designs around VIM editor layouts is an enemy of all life. :smiley:

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