Realistic thirsty

when i’m thirsty i don’t need drink 3 plastic bottle of water, i need drink only 1 bottle

well, constant running carrying guns and a backpack full of stuff would give you a raging thirst.

“Thirst” only activates when you’re really thirsty, then the need of 3 bottles.

So… we should change the status to “Raging Thirst”?

Yeah, well, have different levels of thirst, not just thirsty and you have to drink 3 bottles of water to quench it. So a more detailed interface for thirst hunger sleep etc would be nice

Although realism is important, there are concessions that need to be made. Just drink the 3 bottles and be happy you don’t have to sip water every 20 minutes like in real life. The more realistic “water sipping” would be too awkward to quantify and too tedious to deal with for the player.

I thought about it too when I downed 3 bottles of water in one sitting, but I’m glad I can do that rather than having to drink water every 20-30 game minutes.

Dude, these are the little 1 cup water bottles, not the 1 pint/liter ones you get.

well, 500ml bottles, would it take 1.5L to quench your thirst? Cause i still think thats alot

(and yes, i do know its 500ml)

Not unknown to go through 1/3 to 1/2 the 1.5L Plastic Canteen when my character decides to throw the Thirsty. If it gets to Very Thirsty he’ll go through 4 of the six charges. Thought the CBM Recycling was supposed to help with that, but wev.