Realistic Gun Spawns

In America, something like 35% of households have at least one firearm, though this is closer to 20 or 25% in the Northeast. Nevertheless, it would be more realistic to regularly find the occasional handgun, shotgun, or rifle in a drawer or gun safe.

In order to balance this, gun safes would usually be locked and take considerable effort to get into, probably requiring a screwdriver and some time to open (Gun safes are often less safe then is popularly believed), and it would also be realistic to have weapons with full-auto capability restricted to military spawns, bunkers, outposts, and the occasional larger gun store or civilian collection. Fully automatic weapons are extremely expensive for civilians and require jumping through a large number of hoops, acquiring a class 3 license, paying the $200 dollar fee for each weapon purchased, and each fully automatic firearm can cost upwards of $10,000.

In addition, M4 carbines and M16 rifles issued to the military are generally not capable of fully automatic fire, instead having 3-round burst capability with the exception of certain rare variants usually carried by special forces.

The problem is that americans are not stupid. Most of them woulda pick the weapon up and go shoot something when they heard to world was about to go to hell. Ill do that, in my opinion. But maybe a few couldnt or didnt…

Also, if you devs add this, dont spawn 100 .22 bullets along with the gun. A loaded .22 is enough (and maybe 10 shots of it too)

Don’t forget cataclysm is set in the future, and by game lore, gun laws for automatics have been relaxed due to possible war with China/NKorea, and the availability of things like fusion blaster arms.

As for % of households with guns - a lot of the guns would have been used in the cataclysm, or damaged/destroyed.

Bull, while the M4 does use a three-round burst, the M4A1, which has an automatic settings, is far more common in the military.

I like the idea of gun safes, though.

But the game is based in England…

You know that country that goes crazy over carrying a box cutter.

Even if laws were relaxed, the community most likely wouldn’t jump to supporting guns.

And I make safes, gun cabinets included. 10 minutes to break into a safe is an average amount of time.
My companies’ record is 7 hours for a 10cm hole :3


...probably requiring a screwdriver and some time to open...
That must be one crappy safe to have external screws for the hinges...
(Gun safes are often less safe then is popularly believed)
But they usually need a grinder or drill to get into...or at least a sledgehammer. In Australia, rifle safes need at least a 3 point locking system and be attached to the structure of the house. No idea about England though.

New England, actually. In the New World.

Well dont I look silly…

New England being New England, the gun spawns in the houses should also tend towards hunting rifles and shotguns, with handguns being uncommon and more “militarized” weapons (SKS, automatics) being very hard to find.

Then again, I’m assuming this is somewhere in, say, New York or Connecticut. It generally gets better as you move north.

Dude, the SKS is not a military weapon and hasn’t been for 70 years.

It’s a semi-automatic rifle with a 10 round magazine. “Militarized”?

Is a Ruger 10/22 “militarized?”

[quote=“Morrigi, post:10, topic:1235”]It’s a semi-automatic rifle with a 10 round magazine. “Militarized”?

Is a Ruger 10/22 “militarized?”[/quote]

The PSG-1, and Barrett M82 are also semi-automatic rifles with 10 round clips, and I would say they are highly militarized. The question is whether and how the laws differentiate such things as rotary magazine vs. box clip and caliber.