Raptor Mutagen Still exist?

Does this line of mutations still exist? After 8 labs I’m losing hope of ever finding it. The Lines threshhold dreams definitetly still exist but zero success at all finding the recipe or any vials

yes it exists

… but it is also labeled on its item as ‘extremely rare’, so.

… also i have on the mutation changes mod so it may be in that mod specifically?

also think i just found a technical bug: a typo on the PE070 “Raptor”: Proposal, in the description it calls it PE065.

It is easier to craft the thing than to find it in labs.

Need to work on that reading mate. Yet to find the bloody recipe.

Hey, super late reply, but I remember I played a couple months back with DinoMod and I found that you needed cooking 8-10 or something for the recipe to even show up, instead of chemistry. Maybe it was updated since then, but if not, maybe that might be the problem. Assuming you use DinoMod of course.

Also, according to the item browser, it says you need cooking 10.

for experimental, it needs applied science and healthcare at 10, though you can get away with not having healthcare for potential loss of materials and longer crafting time.