Adjust enemy range penalties to match players

Seeing as it seems like the current system of ranged accuracy is here to stay, I feel like it’s important to address a serious problem related to it. Namely, that while the player is heavily penalized at ranges beyond 5 tiles or so, enemies are not. A lab turret can easily headshot a survivor with an uzi at the very edge of it’s light radius, whereas a player armed with a 9mm pistol can fire fifty max-aimed shots and not hit a single one at that range, despite the target being stationary. A milspec .50cal turret can casually snipe players 25 tiles away, whereas a player armed with a .50 barret will struggle to hit a target at half that distance even with maxed skills.

The same applies to other enemies with guns, such as the various armed robots. It means that in any firefight where both the player and the enemy are armed with guns, the player is HEAVILY disadvantaged to the point where a direct confrontation is almost never viable. If the enemies had a similar range bracket of accurate and reliable fire to that of a reasonably skilled player, the current ranged accuracy system would be a lot more fun to play in. It would also be nice if hits disrupted their aim the same way it does with players.

They aren’t respecting their ranged attack range limits?

There’s something weird going on with them, we were chatting on Discord with Kevin after I posted this, and he’s looking into it.

It makes problems with ranged balance a lot less sensible.
I alway thought that they calculate their shots differently from player and it is how it supposed to work.