Randomized Overmaps?

I am not much of a programmer so I have no idea if this is possible to do in the game engine or not.
I was just thinking how a feature to randomize the overmaps would be nice. If you travel you can go through sparsely populated forest regions to happen upon a city area.

A setting to randomize the starting area or have that specific and another to randomize other overmaps that spawn around you. Probably best to be able to set min and max values for spacing, city size and such. Say like if you want to do a forrest start but still be able to find a city out there somewhere if you traveled far enough.

Just a thought…

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Isn’t it already randomized? Not sure what you mean.

Is it? thought it used the same setting for city size and spacing for all the regions.

Already pretty random. The only thing that you normally see not as random. Would be when a new building is being tested and the amount is perhaps upped to test it out.

New maps according to Kevin are planned to make the whole landscape similar to a real city street layout…or so it looked when there was this long ass discussion about it that freaked me out about a year ago.

I think what he’s getting at is regional differences, so the overmap is less uniform.
A regional system is planned to go in eventually, so you could have forested areas of the overmap, urbanized areas, deserts, mountains, etc.

It may be just me, but I usually find that there is a river to the west of the initial evacuation center on generations.

What I am talking about is when you travel long distances so that the game spawns in more overmaps. As I understand it as it is now it spawns these in with the city and spacing static settings that you have set for your world. What I am proposing is that these settings have a min and max instead of static numbers so that there is more variation to the world… when traveling long distances.