Controversial stand here, but is rain OP?

In the drizzle, walking to my car, -17 morale from Wet by the time I close the door.

Day 52 of a Spring start.

Nah, this just encourages actually using the items meant to deal with being wet. I stock up on towels and wear rain gear now.

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Imagine sitting in a car wet in a cold spring waiting to dry off while freezing. You wouldn’t be happy. Even in summer it’s not a pleasant experience if you can’t quickly dry yourself afterwards.

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I walk my dog 200 yards in the drizzle. It’s not a big deal.

Individual tolerences vary. You can get the same effect in game with a couple starting traits that decrease wet penalties.

How long is the walk. Do you return soaking wet from the walk? Do you change your clothes afterwards? Do you wear rain proof clothes or use an umbrella? “I walk a dog in a drizzle” is far too vague to serve as a point of reference. And notice that in game wetness is progressive, the longer you walk in the drizzle the wetter you get.

  • Towel gets you rid of this instantly
  • Tested it only once but getting naked seem to turn this into a positive mood
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Notes for the cataclysm: walking or marching in rain is a lot like primitive camping, it’s only fun when you don’t have to do it.

I normally enjoy a light rain so long as I don’t have to be doing anything out in it. I’ve also had to walk, sleep, and work in very heavy rain when I didn’t want to (homeless/farm/day labor) and, trust me, it sucks.

That said, you do learn to deal with it after awhile. It would be nice if there was some in-game mechanism to let your character become more tolerant of inclimate weather.

There is an Outdoorsman trait.


Oh absolutely naked does. I had a character that also had the slimy mutation and I would go skinny dipping every morning for the massive mood boost.

As for rain I feel like it’s just a matter of other sources of negative morale being so minor compared to being soaking wet I suppose.

It’s one of the reasons I really like the drifter “class” since starting with a folded poncho kicks ass.


Yes. Yes there is. :hushed:

I must be weird because I love walking in heavy rain. I once walked 2 miles while a nor’easter was going on. Sure, my clothes got horribly soaked (I was in casual clothes, no raincoat) but it was a pretty fun time. Although, I suppose it might have been far more unpleasant if I didn’t have the option of taking a hot shower afterwards.


Walking to a hot shower in the rain is a whole different animal. Walking in the rain when you know it’ll be 8-10 hours before you even have a chance to dry off…ugh. Wet socks are a form of torture that should be banned by Geneva convention.


Looking at the posts, are we sure we’re all talking about…you know, normal rain here?

The mood penalties for being wet from the rain start accumulating in mere ingame seconds.
I tested it with my (currently ~10 days old) version.
Fresh spawn, normal clothes (socks, boots, underwear, long-sleeved shirt, …), staying 1 minute in the rain gives you a penalty apparently between -10 and -17. At 2 minutes I was looking at a big range between -22 and -42. Mind you that -42 is the maximum negative penalty you can get from being wet from what I saw. I reached that several times in 2 Minutes staying in the rain, most likely because the whole rain-thingy is semi-random with it’s penalty.

Anyway, in comparison, taking some COCAINE gives you a boost of 25, which often barely offsets being in the rain for 2! minutes, and in some cases you’d need to take 2 doses of cocaine to get your mood back up.
Maybe the weather is wildly different in America, but here in Germany I was out in the rain several times, and I was NEVER so sad or felt so unpleasant i needed hard drugs to make me happy again, even If I couldn’t get out of my wet clothes, and I can’t imagine that you guys would snort a line of cocaine after being in the rain for a minute or two either to feel better either.

There is also the Issue with clothing not representing how waterproof or water-resistant they really are. Treated leather for example can act similar to a rainjacket, at least for a few minutes. This does mostly apply if the leather is waxed or coated in some plastic, but this seems to be the case more often than not (all the shiny leather stuff would be coated/waxed, since leather ain’t that shiny on it’s own.)

Moreover, the amount of clothes doesn’t seem to change how big of a mood penalty you get. If you’re wearing several layers of clothing (undershirt, normal Shirt, Jackets, Armor, pouches/bags/vests, …) you wouldn’t care about being in the rain for some time because only the outer layers would get really wet, while the innermost layers would most likely stay reasonably dry. This would be especially true if you’re wearing something with armor plates made out of metall, chitin or something similar - Last I checked, steel is pretty water-proof, and if it covers parts of you, those parts can’t get wet unless it’s from the Side.

What I’m trying to say here, there might be a reason to think about how rain affects mood, especially if you compare it to other mood-changing things, like drugs.

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It is probably raining elf blood and demon mucus.

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“…I can’t imagine that you guys would snort a line of cocaine after being in the rain for a minute or two either to feel better either.”

That, unfortunately, is more than enough reason for a number of Americans. We are a country that seems to try to solve everything with a pill, so moving from that to bumping a few lines if coke isn’t a giant stretch of the imagination. Besides, we need the boost to counteract the pills we gobble down to lower our moods.

Next you’ll be saying we shouldn’t give out trophies just for showing up to something and participating, just so we don’t feel bad about the person who actually won and we didn’t. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

steps down off soap box and looks for her participation trophy


As funny as it sounds he does have a point. It shouldn’t take 2 minutes to get mortally depressed over the rain. I mean hell i live in the wettest part of the lower 48. We get 12 feet of rain a year and 5 inch rainstorms are only a bit uncommon but even I’m not that depressed if i get drenched.

I spend 3 hours in 40 degree or less river water waiting to club my salmon. I get I’m a little extreme but I’m no stranger to being wet and cold and while it sucks its not that bad. They should either reduce the magnitude of it, make it take much longer to get that bad, or make being near a fire give a moderate morale bonus to offset it. That would make more sense.

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Is it just rain? Or is it a combination of rain and temperature? If it’s not it should be. A drizzle at 40 F is way worse than a drizzle at 60 F and a drizzle at 80 F is probably actually pleasant.

I have unfond memories of walking back to the car from camping trips in the rain when the air temperature was over 80 F; it’s still miserable after your clothing gets soaked. I don’t know if it’s CDDA levels of despair, but it’s not fun.

Yeah, my main thing is that CDDA rain puts you in a deep hell of despair compared to literally everything short of butchering and eating people raw and killing undead children with a baseball bat. Even if it’s trivially easy to counter with basic clothes and/or a towel.