Rain in the sewage treatment

0.A 50cef5d
Windows XP

I don’t really sure it’s an issue or just holes in the roof under sewage reservoirs. But here what I have.

I’ve had that for the past several builds. Not sure which ones, but various ones over the past couple months.
The sewage-occupied tiles do not seem to assume a roof overhead. They probably lack it? Though I’ve never been able to craft indoors using roofless lighting so it might be weirder than that.
I recall a long time ago (a year possibly), that the same thing occurred over hay-pile tiles in barns as well.

Thanks for the report, I think the sludge counts as outside because of dumbness in historical handling of this stuff.

I should’ve checked ages ago on whether or not this was reported already! A+ Elidor.

Thanks for your work :slight_smile: