Question for the long time players

If you’ve been playing for the past year or so, have you noticed a change in your play style now compared to days gone by?

The main change I can think of is the tweak to healing taking longer now.

Do you think your current style would work on an older build? and do you think you could go back to an older version of the game?

I used to play the Extended Inventory (or whatever it’s called) version, but came back to the official builds after whatever change/tweak it was.
I tried going back to the Inventory version as I miss my individual containers, but the game just feels too different to get back into.

Well, I’m playing since 0.C-6599 and yes, my playstyle changed (or: evolved) over time, but not drastically.

Slower healing is one thing, but I don’t see it as the heaviest impact. The changes to the calorie system are more significant in my opinion (in the old days: eating until full, no weight system). The new butchering (multiple options, butchering rack, decision about harvesting flesh/cbms) and food freezing systems (…which was really annoying and buggy when it first got implemented) also threw me off.

I’m a bit nostalgic and miss the old simpler days… However, if I go back I miss so much of the new stuff (get bored quickly) and quality of life improvements.
Since my strategies are “don’t move much”, “pick off monsters one by one” and “be a hoarder” since the beginning, my strategy from nowdays would work fine in past versions.

At the moment I’m “playing” two different versions. One from about a month ago (just for fun), and one (0.C-7307) for a real time test of a change I wanted to implement into the game… I guess that’s kind of… obsolete now… But I’ll finish my test nonetheless, adapt to the new code and do a retest (this time just a quick one).

Sure, my gameplay style has changed, but I think it’s mostly because I know more about the game now.

When I first started, I set up a rain catch for the first time and thought I was hot shit. Now, of course, I know water is everywhere and I don’t think I’ve had a rain catcher in ages.

I melee less now, not because of healing changes or nerfs to melee, but because I realized I didn’t need to be afraid to spend ammunition anymore, and I know how valuable/common the various bullets are, etc.

So, for sure your play style changes over time. Sometimes it’s due to development, sometimes it’s just you growing your knowledge.

I could for sure go back to the version I was on when I first started playing (maybe two+ years ago?) It would be a slight adjustment, mostly because I’d be missing the QOL stuff, but I could do it. Game’s a lot easier these days, as well, that would certainly take a bit to get used to again.

Been olaying cataclysm since near the beginning lol dda is so very different than the whales days . In good ways, i would LOVE to see individual containers mainlined someday .
Dda is always evolving, though overall id say its a little easier early game now than its ever been. (Of course experience is a factor) healing changes are significant but are for the better imo. As well as the food mechanics. Stealth mechanics need some expanding but are helpful even in their current state (crouching and vision values ) get the newest experimental versions! :wink: