Question about stored calories

I have character that his calories is always rising, last calories i check using debug is 40k and its still normal in the sidebar, and suddenly it went to “overweight” when i check its 55k…did not eat anything before only drink a bottle of water…is it bugged?? My char have gourmand trait is it affect it? Apologize my awfull english

Maybe you just ate something before the first check? food doesn’t magically instantly transform into calories, it have to go through stomach and then guts where it is processed. So at the time of the first check you did have 40k calories, then after several hours, when all your food was processed into calories, you would see stored calories increase.
Although for that to happen, you had to, 1st, eat something very caloric dense, and 2nd, be at very low activity levels, like reading books or sleeping.

no…my char didn’t eat anything, in fact i’m looking for food right now because playing in very low loot spawn