Question about Refuge Center

Uh,yesterday i found a refuge center and now i settled here with my allied NPC.I spoke with the merchants,guards ecc but i didn’t understand a thing:The refuge center host only a faction (for exemple “the old guard”) or different factions?Because i’ve spoken with a guy that is in the Merchant’s faction and with a girl that is a rapresentative of the Old Guard :slight_smile:

I think just old guard? I can’t really remember. Some day, we will have cool faction buildings…

I think it’s a mix of Old Guard and Free Merchants.

Free merchies head the place, with the Old Guard having a rep present.

Yeah,i think it too.thanks for the answers :smiley:

Where to heck can I find a refugee camp? I haven’t found any at all in over a year clocked ingame.

you might have an older version

Currently they’re pretty rare, though eventually they will probably become much more common once a faction and faction territory system has been implemented.
Just imagine, NPC faction wars…

Yes, nothing makes me hornier than people murdering one another.

All joking aside, I can’t fucking wait. That would be fantastic. It’s hard to imagine with current NPCs as they are. I am of course talking about randies because I have yet to find a Refugee Camp. I’ve heard they’re much better than random NPCs!

Any way to debug them into existence?