Question about "influenza"

I got influenza and started throwing up. Is it the sickness doing that?

The tooltip seems to indicate the correct symptoms (with “fatigue, pain, thirst” as constant factors), so maybe just remove the nauseous effect if it’s there, or maybe it was something else that was causing the vomiting.

Oh, and on that note, how are you even getting influenza (or even the common cold for that matter) in the first place, with no living person to spread it to you? :slight_smile:

I think there was somewhere a discussion on this.
I am not sure how it went exactly but it was kinda like:

The player has no way of knowing which disease he has so he asumes its the flu.
Might be better to lable it “unknown low imunity affliction” xD

I’ve only had flu once (IRL), and I vomited a whole bunch so I’d say it’s fair enough. Viruses like the common cold and influenza can survive for a really long time outside of a living host, and still be wafting along by the wind from places where there are sick people.

Yes. Vomiting is a common symptom of RL influenza.

The vomiting symptom is quite intentional and correct; see above.

This is where it gets a bit weird. We’ve got no solid explanation for this; perhaps the virus has mutated to survive for much longer outside the host organism and now spreads primarily via fomites.

The disease is really something else that resembles the flu to the character, so that is the way it is presented to the player.

Or maybe the Blob is trying to restart the Black Plague…

Maybe zombies can still catch the flu.

Since they seem to be comprised ‘mostly’ of quasi-human cells (with understandable exceptions like the skeleton) I’d have to guess that they’d likely still carry most of the diseases the human host would have.

Given host specificity of viruses though, the blob itself isn’t likely to be harmed by anything viral… from this dimension anyhow. Bacteria and fungi, sure maybe, but viruses are fairly specific in their requirements.