Quality of life suggestion: priotize putting food in fridges instead of placing on tables

I find it pretty annoying how the game automatically puts crafted food on a table to spoil, instead of just putting it in the fridge or even your inventory. It would be nice if the game could recognize food/other refrigeration needed items (mutant parts, etc) and put them somewhere better instead.
On the topic of that it would also be nice if the game could allow you to “activate” a table or workbench as the preferred place to put finished/in progress items rather than just dumping them on the nearest thing.


You can do this with loot zones and a quick shift-O > sort items.

this occurs even when I don’t have a settlement

Most zones are independent of base camps, and this includes sort zones (or loot zones as RenechCDDA calls them).
True, sorting after crafting is a sort of a work around, but I don’t really want to automatically have stuff put into the wrong place if I have different things in different places (an example from my own play style: I place one bottle of milk in the fridge and the rest of them in the freezer. Once I have multiple freezers I want to have different things in different freezers (although that could be done using specific zone setups, but that’s rather cumbersome and error prone, as you’d easily miss a new thing you haven’t had to sort previously).