QOL IMPROVEMENT - Most Shoes Have Laces

Simple as the title. Most footwear should probably be able to be unlaced for long string / shoe laces that can be used in crafting. Likewise, since laces can be tied to things shoes could be carried by knotting them around suitable things (Beltloops, etc) now that nested containers are a consideration.

I’d say a shoe lace should be counted as a short string but otherwise I agree.

Guess I’m too used to wearing boots that I just imagine all laces as 3-foot long. Maybe short for low-tops and long for hiking / army boots and the like.

to cut back on clutter item-wise (having laced/unlaced versions of various shoes) i’d suggest this being an item drop when you disassemble/cut up a shoe, rather than something you can just take off… it makes sense to be able to easily remove a shoelace though.


I’d agree with the disassembling/cutting idea, also because without laces many shoes become unusable.
That or a severe penalty to encumberance - maybe equal to it being unfitted - for not having laces.

Would it work to have laces be an item mod, or even something stored INSIDE a shoe the reduces encumbrance?

I personally don’t see how adding “laces” (short or long strings) as an item to directly interact with instead of just acknowledging them in the crafting/disassembly system would contribute to better gameplay or realism.

I would accept “laces” as an item mod if implemented, but I can’t think of any other clothing aspect right now that would benefit from this sort of modular representation.

i mean… most, if not all shoes in game would HAVE shoelaces, so having it as an ‘item mod’ would overcomplicate things, you’d still have to differentiate between shoes that have laces and shoes that dont, and then take the laces and replace them…

easier to assume most if not all shoes have laces methinks.

imagine getting killed in cata because you didnt realize your shoes didnt have laces…

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The ‘laces as item mod’ tangent was just to address the oddity that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to remove laces and keep said shoes intact. If only allowed through disassembly. Still, so long as a player can get an appropriate ‘lace-like’ object such as sting, from shoes / boots, I’d be satisfied.