PSA: Nested Containers is now live in experimental

Yes, i actually understand and agree with this (and that statement was only my first reaction):

I definitely appreciate this feature and the work put into it.
And the gameplay improvement implication is huge.

well at least they started the merging after the 0.E release

Keep up the good work, we will just report everything odd and buggy we find <3

Really it was as ready as i could do it by myself. I was fraying at the edges. If i had to do any more, i would have just not completed it and possibly left the project as a burnt out husk.


Dude, you’ve done an amazing job with this. The fact you got it to the point where we describe it as a new feature with some bugs, as opposed to some completely unusable mess is incredibly impressive.


Has anyone tried new things with it?, like keeping a bag with a molotov and grenades, and then throwing it?

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what should happen? shouldn’t you activate them first?

Using the (i)nsert menu on a backpack or other container should make use of the funtcion to mark several items for the action like you do with multidrop or multi pickup.

has the liquids in containers bug been solved?

Not sure this is what caused it (actually now I know this is it), but now my inventory is all messed up and all my jars, cans and containers have been removed from either my backpack and the cargo spaces in my vehicle… Welp time to use the older builds from 3+ days ago

i mean in a way of saving time/turns, if you only drop molotovos (when they are lit) they break and put everything in flames around you, so i thought, if you activate one, in a bag full of explosives, and then throw it, would it work the same? making everything explode

Probably not. Shooting explosives with flaming arrows has just destroyed said explosive. Maybe if you had molotovs and pipe bombs in a bag and then lit the Molotov the fire would activate the pipe bombs…

I kind of wish I was at my computer now. This deserves a test.

have you tried explosive arrows/bolts?

There is a flag COOKOFF which should cause explosions if the item, usually ammunition, is destroyed in/by a fire. And I remember seeing it work. However, for quite some time now this seems broken*.
Also, the explosion of one explosive (like C-4) doesn’t seem to set off other explosives.

*This might be fixed by now, I didn’t check the newest version.

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ok is totally off topic but this reminded me of another game where explosives go boom when they touch ground and in the same tile there is a lit fire (of any kind)

so the character put a sack of explosive sticks on the ground and… booom!

it was hilarious :smiley:

anyway it would be fun and practical if there were the chance to ignite a chain reaction with bombs on CDDA

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Just FYI: 10614 is the latest old-style-inventory build.


Is the build still too bug filled?, i can deal with the weirdness of the UI, but not with items disappearing.


I’m kinda waiting back on 10614 for an “all clear” bell, too. :slight_smile:


I got a bit lucky in that regard, got sucked into Dwarf Fortress again recently, so haven’t felt the need to seriously play the new builds


lost basically all of my plastic canteens and sheaths that i didn’t have on my person. so thats fun

imagine a DF survival but with the CDDA mechanics, and CDDA with DF physics :O!

in a recent build or one from the firsts?

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